PHE & FGDP(UK) Guidance Notes for Dental Practitioners on the Safe Use of X-ray Equipment (October 2020)

Every dentist using X-rays should have and read a copy of this extremely helpful and free publication. This is an update of the 2001 NRPB guidance notes.

Selection Criteria for Dental Radiography

Faculty of General Dental Practitioners (UK) guidance on indications for radiographic investigation, covering the use of radiographs for the developing dentition, endodontic assessment, caries diagnosis, periodontal assessment, and implantology. The latest edition includes digital radiography, CBCT and paediatric radiography.

Radiation Controlled Area and Equipment Handover Form and Guidance (AXREM/SRP, 2018)

To satisfy the requirement of the Ionising Radiation Regulations (IRR17), it is important that there is cooperation and communication between employers when their representatives visit customer sites, such as during, service, maintenance, updates or applications training of Ionising Radiation Medical Equipment. This form and guidance from the X-ray equipment suppliers' professional body, AXREM, and the Society of Radiation Protection, SRP, will help dental practices and engineers to fulfil these responsibilities.

Radiation Physics Department
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