This page lists posters produced by members of the Radiation Physics Department and displayed at scientific & technical meetings.


  • Nilesh S Tambe Craig Moore, Isabel M Pires, Chris Cawthorne, Andrew W Beavis, Validation of a novel knowledge-based planning (KBP) model for lung cancer treatments with VMAT, ESTRO 2019
  • Nilesh S Tambe Craig Moore, Isabel M Pires, Andrew W Beavis, RapidArc with avoidance sectors for treatment of lung and oesophagus cancers, UKIO 2019


  • Tim Wood and Craig Moore, Optimisation of image processing algorithms for bed-side chest radiography: A comparison of two generations of AGFA MUSICA, UKRCO, Liverpool, July 2018


  • Tim Wood and Craig Moore, Measurement of effective detective quantum efficiency for a photon counting scanning mammography system, UKRCO 2017
  • Smith J, Mcardle C, Kieran I, Papadopoulos E, Matteucci P, Timing of lymphoscintigraphy in sentinel lymph node biopsy, Melanoma Focus Regional Meeting, Newcastle 2017
  • Kenning L, Gill H, Wright G, Papadopoulos E, Woolley G., Potential dose savings for radionuclide ventriculography: Effect of Poisson resampling on left ventricle ejection fraction., Poster presentation - British Nuclear Medicine Society 45th Annual meeting, Birmingham 2017.




  • Carl Horsfield, Jenny Marsden, Andrew W Beavis, EP-1428 Development of a QA Tool for Analysis of Leaf Performance in Intensity Modulated Delivery Methods, Electronic poster-ESTRO 2012
  • Rajarshi Roy , Mark Wilson , Mohan Hingorani , Andrew Beavis, Intensity modulated radiotherapy for radical treatment of oesophageal and junctional tumours, ESMO 14th World Congress on Gastrointestinal Cancer , 27-30 June 2012, Barcelona, Spain, Annals of Oncology. Volume 23 suppl 4 June 2012


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